If you're interested in private sessions specifically tailored for your needs, DBP can help. If you need expert assistance in general photographic technique, metering and exposure, composition, large format use, panoramic camera use...whatever your needs, we can arrange a time for personal instruction. Send an email with details of your specific needs. Private instruction runs $65 per hour, plus expenses if any, with a minimum session of 4 hours. Please note that all private instruction will be held in South Bend, Indiana and surrounding area. Private instruction can be scheduled at your convenience, be it weekends or weekdays.


To register for a DBP event, go to the Terms and Policies and Registration Form pages. YOU MUST SUBMIT A COMPLETED, SIGNED WAIVER along with payment and registration form to be considered enrolled in any event!

In the interest of keeping prices as low as possible, please be aware that meals, accomodation, and transportation are not included in the event. Each participant will be responsible for these items and their respective costs, although DBP will be glad to provide suggestions for economical lodging. You will need to provide transportation for yourself during  events; of course, participants may make their own arrangements for carpooling with one another if they so desire.