DBP is pleased to offer selected instructional nature and landscape photographic workshops several times each year. If you'd like further information on an event, don't hesitate to ask!

Danny is uniquely experienced with many types and formats of cameras and will be happy to introduce you to this equipment, which is often difficult to see first-hand. For digital and 35mm shooters, Danny is familiar with Canon equipment in both film and digital formats.  For his own shooting, Danny uses large format, 617 panoramic, and 6 x 8 medium format with a Fuji GX680III, and is intimately familiar with use of this equipment. Thanks  to sponsorship by Ebony Camera, workshop participants are treated to hands-on trial and instruction with an Ebony RW45 4x5 field camera. You can be introduced to important information such as tilt/shift and other camera movements, the advantages of shooting larger formats, and much more.  If you're thinking of moving to medium or large format, or would like to increase your knowledge in using the equipment that you already have, you've come to the right place! Of course, ALL types and formats of cameras are always welcome at any events. In addition, if you participate in the digital aspects of photography, Danny can assist you with its many aspects from selection and use of equipment to advanced post-processing techniques.

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Photoshop for Photographers instructional workshops

Please note that regularly scheduled Photoshop class sessions have been discontinued. However, DBP is pleased to offer
private sessions
if you're in the South Bend area; email for more information. Private sessions run $65/hour, with a minimum of 4 hours.

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Intensive instruction in METERING (concentrating on SPOTMETERING)

Metering workshop: Many workshop participants would like to know more about accurate metering techniques. A one-day metering workshop includes training in accurate spotmetering and recognizing how to compensate for non-midtoned subjects of various colors, how to determine contrast range of a scene, and how to choose the best film for a given situation. Incident metering, as well as metering for negative film (both b&w and color) will also be included. Click here for more details. Please send an email if you would be interested in this event (not scheduled at the moment).

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Introduction to Large Format

Please email if you'd be interested in a session for this subject sometime in 2015; if scheduled, it will be in the South Bend area. Private sessions can be scheduled at any time.



If you're interested in private sessions specifically tailored for your needs, DBP can help. If you need expert assistance in general photographic technique, metering and exposure, composition, large format use, panoramic camera use...whatever your needs, we can arrange a time for personal instruction. Send an email with details of your specific needs. Private instruction runs $65 per hour, plus expenses if any, with a minimum session of 4 hours. Please note that all private instruction will be held in South Bend, Indiana and surrounding area. Private instruction can be scheduled at your convenience, be it weekends or weekdays, whatever the time of year.


To register for a DBP event, go to the Terms and Policies and Registration Form pages. YOU MUST SUBMIT A COMPLETED, SIGNED WAIVER along with payment and registration form to be considered enrolled in any event!

In the interest of keeping workshop prices as low as possible, please be aware that meals, accomodation, and transportation are not included in the event. Each participant will be responsible for these items and their respective costs, although DBP will be glad to provide suggestions for economical lodging. You will need to provide transportation for yourself during workshop and tour events; of course, participants may make their own arrangements for carpooling with one another if they so desire.