Deposits, Cancellations and Refunds

All fees are quoted in US Dollars and must be received as such. An advance deposit of $200.00 per person, payable to Danny Burk Photography, LLC (hereafter referred to as "DBP" or "we") is required at the time of registration for each workshop, and balance in full is due 30 days prior to the workshop. When bookings are made less than 30 days prior to the departure date, or for events such as Weekend Workshops for which fees are under $200.00, full payment is required in advance. (An exception to the latter may occur, at DBP's option, for Weekend Workshop events at which payment upon arrival is acceptable.) Space is subject to cancellation by DBP if payment is not received when due.

If a participant wishes to cancel, he or she must send written notification to Danny Burk Photography, LLC, PO Box 403, Mishawaka, IN 46546. Confirmation of receipt will follow by email. If you do not receive a confirming email within a reasonable time, do not simply assume that we have received your notification: please call or email to inquire. At the time we receive your notification, the following per-person fees will apply:

60 days or more before starting date: $100.00 cancellation fee
59 days or less before starting date: no refunds will be issued

DBP suggests that participants consider purchasing commercial trip insurance in the event that they are unable to attend a workshop due to personal illness, family matters, weather, disaster, etc. This insurance is entirely at the discretion and expense of the participant.

DBP makes every effort to hold workshops at scheduled times and locations. If DBP is forced to cancel or alter workshops as scheduled, we will notify registered participants of these changes as soon as possible; this change or cancellation can be the result of illness, insufficient participant registration to make the workshop event feasible, unavailability of planned location(s), or other reasons beyond our control. If cancellation should prove necessary, DBP will refund participants' advance payments to us in full. DBP is not responsible for any other costs which participants may have incurred, including but not limited to travel, car rental, lodging, insurance, photographic purchases or rentals.

Equipment and Film

Every participant is responsible to bring and safeguard his or her own photographic equipment and film, as well as appropriate clothing, medical supplies ,or other special needs. DBP will be pleased to forward a list of suggested items to bring.

Workshop Schedules

All workshop schedules and plans are tentative as far as subjects, times, and events. DBP may change schedules or plans, at our discretion, depending on weather, health or safety considerations, or any other factors which we consider necessary for health, safety, and advantageous photography. DBP can't guarantee that certain wildlife will be seen, that particular flowers may be in bloom, or that other environmental conditions may or may not occur.

Special Terms and Regulations

Each participant agrees to abide by rules and restrictions placed on land and property, whether owned or governed privately, publicly, or governmentally. Damage or destruction of property or belongings of others by participants, whether willful or accidental, is entirely the responsibility of the inflicting participant, and no responsibility for these actions will be placed on Danny Burk Photography, LLC, Danny Burk, or any of our acting agents. Failure to comply with such rules or restrictions may result in the removal of the responsible participant(s) from the event without compensation or refund of fees paid.

Model Release

Each participant agrees that any photographs, video tapes, or other images of himself or herself, and/or his or her property, which may be created during a DBP event, can be used by us or our assigns for promotional or advertising purposes with no compensation to any participant.


All participants of Danny Burk Photography, LLC events must agree to the terms specified above, and to the following Release and Assumption of Risk Waiver. This agreement is a mandatory requirement to participate or attend any DBP event. YOUR APPLICATION AND PAYMENT FOR A DBP EVENT SIGNIFIES YOUR FULL AGREEMENT WITH THESE TERMS AND WAIVER, AND IS BINDING AS YOUR SIGNED COPY OF THIS AGREEMENT. Refusal to submit this signed agreement automatically revokes your registration, and no space will be reserved for any event until your signed agreement reaches us.

Persons ("You") registering for a DBP event are voluntarily participating in this event, to be led by Danny Burk, his staff, agents, guides, or other assigns (hereafter referred to as "we" or "us"). You assume full and complete responsibility of traveling and participating in any workshop or related activities, and you agree that we are not liable and shall not be liable for any accident, personal loss, injury, or property damage incurred to you or your heirs, assigns, or any other beneficiaries in connection with this event. You understand that there are certain risks and dangers associated with and directly relating to participation in any such event, including (but not limited to) natural disasters, forces of nature, wild or otherwise uncontrolled animals, other participants or people, various means of travel and transportation (including hiking and walking), terrain or any other areas used for any event, and other related conditions or circumstances.

You hereby irrevocably waive any and all claims for liability against us (including Danny Burk Photography, LLC and Danny Burk) as a result of your participation in any event. You fully and clearly understand and acknowledge that agreeing to this "Release and Assumption of Risk Waiver" is a prerequisite to participating in any and all of our workshops and events. Refusal to sign this waiver automatically cancels and revokes your registration, and your registration is considered a cancellation.

To consent to these terms and conditions, sign below and return this form*

I, _____________________________________________________________ (please sign *and* print name), hereby agree to all terms and conditions of Danny Burk Photography, LLC, including all policies and this Release and Assumption of Risk Waiver.

Address ______________________________________________________________________

Phone number __________________________ Email address ________________________

Date __________________________________

DBP suggests that you keep a copy of this agreement for your files.