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If you're looking for the VERY BEST in custom Photoshop preparation and've found it. Please read the following information for full information on these services. When I say "the very best", I mean just that; my work is of the highest standard and is intended for those who want to obtain maximum quality from their images.

Custom Photoshop work can be obtained for your images on its own, or in conjunction with Custom Prints. (More about prints below.) If you are working from film, may I suggest that you'll benefit by first obtaining one of my ultra high quality DRUM SCANS to digitize your film. If your images are already scanned, or if you are working from digital originals, you may send image files to me on DVD or via upload to a file sharing service. RAW files are suggested for best results with digital originals. Completed files will be returned on DVD by the method of your choice (default is US Priority Mail); fast FTP delivery or file sharing upload is also available at no extra charge upon request.

Important! If you intend to submit images, please read ALL of the following information carefully. The Photoshop work that I offer is truly customized: no default settings, no quick shortcuts, no one-size-fits-all corrections. Every image will be handled on an individual basis, and because every image is different, your input will be needed at various stages of the process. This is not a service for those who want quick turnaround on 50 wedding's intended for those who want the best results from each individual image. Whether you submit film or digital file, you'll need to give me as much information as possible as to the corrections you would like me to make. While I have my own ideas about what will benefit an image, you may have different wishes and you'll want to convey these to me for the most satisfying results. Just to make a few examples, in addition to working up an entire image, you might like to warm it overall; lighten a dark area; remove unpleasant color casts; convert it to black-and-white; touch up objectionable objects (such as removing graffiti, a stray twig, etc), or any number of other improvements. If you want, say, a tree trunk lightened or shadow detail maximized, tell me! I am well experienced with black-and-white as well as color images, and I'm happy to prepare any of these images to your specifications in the same detailed manner in which I optimize for color.

The completed file that you receive will be the full-sized image file with all adjustment layers included, created in Photoshop CC. If you have an older version of Photoshop (or Elements) and therefore can't open a CC file with layers, let me know and I'll also include a flattened version. A typical image may include 4-10 layers, depending on its complexity and the work that is needed. I tend to use multiple layers and masks for optimum results, but of course this varies from image to image. As a general rule, scans from film need more complex corrections than digital originals; the same is true for black-and-white images compared to color. Scans from larger film formats are typically more complex than those from from 35mm or digital capture. An image with less than ideal exposure or color balance will need more work than one that is in better condition from the start.


I'll prepare the images according to your specifications, then email a proof in .jpg form. If you approve the image as-is, I'll notify you if there are additional charges beyond the 1/2 hour already paid. If you want further changes, I'll make the corrections, send you another proof via email, and so on until you are satisfied with the final result. These additional changes are billed at the usual hourly rate. If you prefer an 8x10 printed proof, this can be supplied at $10 per proof plus shipping (see order form). Proofs can be printed on any of my four available paper choices (see Custom Digital Printing), printed with Lucia pigment ink on a 12-color Canon 6400 printer.

Custom Photoshop work is charged at $65 per hour, with billing in 1/2 hour increments. Due to the nature of custom work, it's impossible to give you an exact quote in advance, although I may be able to give an approximate idea of time involved after I've seen your image and learn what corrections you want me to make. Unlike some Photoshop services, price is simply based on time to complete the image; no extra charges for 16-bit or large files! Advance payment of 1/2 hour (i.e. $32.50) per image plus return shipping (choices on order form) is required at time of image submission; additional work that may be required will be billed when you approve the final corrected image.


Accuracy of Photoshop correction and printing is dependent on a properly calibrated monitor. To properly view the images that I send you, you must have a calibrated can't judge the results accurately otherwise. Please be aware that even the best calibrated monitor will never look exactly like a paper print; the systems and media are too different to allow an exact match. Visualizing the monitor image as it will appear on paper does take a bit of practice and experience.

Likewise, it's extremely important to know how your finished image will be printed so that I can optimize it for best results. There are hundreds of different combinations of printer, paper and ink available; if you plan to do your own printing, I need the proper profile for your intended printing method. I have many of these on hand, but you should be able to email a proper profile to me if it's one that I don't already have.

In addition to a full-sized file with layers intact, I can provide flattened, sized, and sharpened files (ready to print) if you wish.

I can't perform miracles; if your image is poorly exposed and lacks highlight or shadow detail, I can't create what doesn't exist. Likewise, if you'd like me to remove certain elements from an image, "substitute" elements that can be cloned into their place must be present in the image to obtain good results. Please note that I don't do "Graphic Art" work, for example extracting product shots from backgrounds, providing new faces for people, or incorporating new elements that weren't present originally. My service is intended to optimize what is already present in your photograph.

If I feel that your photo can't be optimized to meet your wishes, I will tell you before beginning work.